Documentaire over The Carter Family

I wanted to bring your attention to a Kickstarter campaign for The Winding Stream, a documentary about the musical Carter Family that’s currently in post-production. The Grammy Museum, the Experience Music Project, and the Country Music Hall of Fame have all expressed interest in the film, which features legends like Johnny Cash and George Jones and contemporary artists like the Old 97s. We just need to raise enough money to fund the completion of the project and get it to the finish line.

The filmmaker (Beth Harrington, who was nominated for a Grammy for her previous film about the pioneering women of rock & roll) has been told by some funders that there’s no audience for the film! So, we’re setting out to prove them wrong by reaching out on a grassroots level to people who love Americana music. We’re not asking for a donation–we’re looking to people like you who love this music to help us get the word out through blogs and social media. We’re hoping that the Kickstarter campaign will be a success and show everyone that there are multiple generations of fans out there who care about this music and its history.

For more information, here’s the link to the Kickstarter site:

and here’s the link to the Winding Stream home page:


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