Help Bonnie Whitmore (Hayes Carll Band) De Opnamestudio In

You might remember her time spend in the Hayes Carll band, and since her release of the album Embers To Ashes in 2011, she’s been touring the country and was named top ten songs of 2011 by the Dallas Observer.

This December she is going back in the studio to record her sophomore album and is pulling all the punches on this new release. Chris Masterson of The Mastersons and Steve Earle’s band will be producing and playing on this project along with his crew: engineer Steve Christensen, Falcon Valdez on drums, George Reiff on bass, and Bonnie’s sister Eleanor Whitmore on vocals and fiddle.

She”s put together a kickstarter campaign. So far she’s got almost a quarter of it raised, but she still has a ways to go before its over.

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